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There is a silent majority that understands or supports the military's role on the island, including the positive economic impact of the bases.


Robert Eldridge, an Okinawa-based government and external affairs official for the U.S. Marines (Reuters)

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Where is Dr. Eldridge's proof? He and his family are not from Okinawa but from the Kanto plains. Why doesn't he advocate for the US bases to be moved to the Kanto plains? I think that there is a "silent majority that understands the military's role in Japan and especially near his in-laws' hometown."

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I would agree with Dr. Eldridge. After living in Okinawa for over 14 years, I would agree that there is a silent majority here who do not wish to see the bases leave. The bases have a tremendous economic impact here and a departure of the bases would hurt the island's economy in a way that would take decades to recover from.

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The last politician to successfully use the "silent majority" ploy was Richard Nixon. 'nuff said.

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Any links to proper surveys? I would like to see.

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