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There is a time lag between what is happening with the Big 3 carmakers and Japan. It is as if tsunami are rolling toward Japanese shores. I believe the real wave will hit us around July or August.


Suzuki Motor Corp President Osamu Suzuki, on prospects for the Japanese auto industry. (Nikkei Weekly)

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So you have six months to go ev. and set a great example for the rest of the world.

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Osamu Suzuki is right about the tsunami but I think it will travel much faster and hit before the end of May, possibly by March. Jobs are being lost all over the world, you have to be a fool to buy a new car when your job may be next to go.

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Japan after the World Wars have always been alittle behind the US in some areas. Not in technology for example but with society and economics. Some of America was grafted onto Japan. Due to it having its own culture, things that are similar with the US show up later. I say between 15-20 yrs depending on the topic.

I'm not taking anything away from Japan. In some ways Japan is a world leader innovation. Sometimes I think it why Japan has been so successful in certain areas. By looking at similar conditions in America's past and avoiding those mistakes. Like younger and older siblings.

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