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There is no effective cure to save Japan from a population crisis. In order for Japan to survive it must open its doors as an international state to the world and shift toward establishing an 'immigra


A proposal by a group from the Liberal Democratic Party that suggests Japan should let the immigrant population rise to 10% of the national population over the next 50 years.

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I oppose it.

Let all the single Japanese men and women give ultimatum, get married, make babies or loose your job. Iran is doing it for a different purpose.


The single men and women in this country takes life too lightly and try to avoid hardship. It is time that they start growing up.

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The single men and women in this country takes life too lightly and try to avoid hardship. It is time that they start growing up.<<<

So your definition of 'growing up' is throwing your life away to marriage and having kids? I'm having the time of my life as an adult, not burdened by marriage or kids. Multiple partners is the spice of life. Who wants to be tied down to just one?

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^^ LOL

Who wants to throw their life away to marriage and kids?

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Life in Japan is very expensive, I do have a wife and 2 children, I love them very much, but I think too many Japanese get "sucked" into the mentality of having to prove their loyalty to their company by being there 24/7 and then have no time nor enery to spend it with a loving spouse nor making children, what a sad life! No wonder there is so much suicide in this country!

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A nice sentiment, but would 10% be enough even if it does come to pass?

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damexicanbuda, i couldn't agree with you more.

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not going to be popular but an increasingly unavoidable path

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Japan will have new robot citizens, except they will be unequal. Then one day, the great uprising will occur. Most of humanity will be initially spared but not, the island epicenter. Ever wonder why there are no main Japanese characters in the Matrix though you see the green Japanese text scroll in the beginning? Think Asian Robot C++ :)

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**LOOK!, this problem is not something to spoof at! I don't think a boost in immigration/replacement workers is a solution to Japan's problems nor flashy erotic underwear(this is only a solution for shy J-men)<-(this is not meant as a joke so stop laughing). The problem can be wrapped up to two major points:

1) Centuries long obstruction of emotion between Male and Female Japanese. Meaning: too conservative not letting women explore the sexual side

no communication between the two in relationship not willing to go with a person they can love, instead of finacially secure. women too focused on being independent and forgetting out love men still being incredibly sexist in business side, which makes the Japanese women want to be that much more independent.

2) Financial/Job security: *Is way too unbalanced...sexist even

No compensation is given to female workers to support them during their leave from work. No boost in pay for the man that has a wife that is pregnant. *No guarantee that J-women will retain the title or have a job while coming back to workforce. No daycare serves sponsored by employer

No set limit on how long a women should stay in the house hold.

So, the solutions is relatively simple if every Japanese office and employer stick it out.

1) Stop being greedy 2) Do a nationwide deprograming of sexist view among Japanese men! 3) REAL COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE SEXES 4) Provide support for the employee's to have children 5) Stop parents from have a dominating role in childs husband or wife(parents don't know what's good for their child...the grown child does) 6) Don't force couples to marry or have children with commercials that are selling lewd products example: easy access panties. 7) Stop trying to make shows with no real solutions and Dr.'s that have been raised in the same traditional ways of Japan. Tradition has gone too far this time...and the decrease is a result. disclaimer: I love traditional things in Japan, but there is a time and a place and it's not in relationships or the bedroom. 8) Stop making onesided or rather one sexed solutions for Japan's population decrease. Involve solutions that are helpful for J-Women as well! Let J-women free to suggest solutions and give testmony to what they feel is going on. See what they may see as a REAL solution.

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Japan needs to survive with 3 directions:

1 - Increase immigration, giving full rights to long-term immigrants and offspring, including dual.citizenship.

2 - Giving more free time and protection to the couples. Forbidding bosses from firing pregnant women, for example.

3 - Full Equalization of rights between men and women, will create a secure environment between career and family.

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