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There is no end to cases of illegal workers using forged residence cards, so we are stepping up crackdowns.


A spokesperson for the National Police Agency's international investigative operations. The NPA said police took action against a record 790 foreigners in 2020 in connection with residence cards in which the status of residence, period of stay or other items had been altered.

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The answer to that is to go after the source providing these cards. otherwise its a endless game of whack a mole

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Better also to "crack down" on their Japanese employers, who are also breaking the law.

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Excellent post mate!

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Illegal is illegal. There's no excuse.

Crackdown on the users and of course, those providing the forged cards.

It's only fair to those of us who got our resident status the right way.

You earn it. You don't buy it.

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Surely the number of illegal foreign workers would have hit rock bottom due to the lack of tourist visas currently?

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Excellent post mate!

What did (s)he say?

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It is easier for the police here to raid only the holders of these fake cards. But what about the source? Maybe that's what they should be concerned about. The police have plenty of time. I'm not saying whoever has the illegal card is blameless, but this is an endless game.

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Excellent post mate!

What did (s)he say?

someone just pointed out that with a population of 126 million 790 fake cards is nothing. Of course the mods didn't like that.

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Yeah,I read GBR47's post,too.

It was relevant,pithy,and topical.

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I'm not a great fan of importing an underclass of low paid foreign workers. Unless they are on enforced short term, non negotiable visas. 3 years then out.

Japan has plenty of underemployed potential workers. There is an army of housewives sat at home. Give them incentives to return to the workplace. AI and technology will replace many of the jobs these immigrants do. However,Japan will be stuck with them. The last in line for future employment, more likely to fall into criminal activity. Japan, learn from the UK's mistakes.

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If someone travels thousands of miles to your country leaving their home and family behind and is willing to put in a shift and work hard for a low wage, doing a job that your own citizens either do not want to do or are not able to do, you should be grateful, rather than criminalising them and demonising them solely on the basis of where they were born. It is the optimisation of the global labour pool, and without it, you would not be able to obtain or afford as much as you currently do. The persecution of foreigners is a slippery slope.

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790 is "no end of cases"??

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Alongside the crackdown campaign, systemic reforms are needed with regard to "internship" foreign workers subject to exploitations.

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Years ago, some Chinese guys and Russian girls and I applied for a seasonal job at a factory in the boonies. We (the Russian girls and I) met the temp staff agency managers in Tokyo to fill out the paperwork. The managers wanted to see passports and residence cards, plus wanted to take photocopies. We thought they were going overboard with the checking. I now know that they were just covering their behinds by making sure that the foreigners they signed up were all legal and that the company wasn't playing any games when it came to checking documents.

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Its best to get a hold of it right away or Japan will end up like the US with many illegals forcing changes.

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I d like to see authorities crackdown on companies importing immigrants under trainees to use theme in construction site for slave wages (5000yen/day) . with no training provided ...

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