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There is the probability that the high incidence of patients in the Tohoku and other such regions comes from the high salt intake.


Katsuyuki Miura, a professor of public health at Shiga University of Medical Science and board member of the Japanese Society of Hypertension. The society conducted a survey which showed that high blood pressure could be affecting 2 out of every 10 people in Japan, with the rate per 100,000 people highest in the Tohoku region.

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Less salt, fat and sugar in your diet, drinking enough water to be properly hydrated and doing a bit of exercise each day is a completely free and really easy way to improve your health and reduce the chances of higher blood pressure. High blood pressure can increase your chance of a heart attack or a stroke, whilst persistently stressing your body - a little like running your car on dodgy home made fuel.

The more processed food is, the more salt, fat and sugar there is likely to be in it. They are used to enhance flavour and mouth feel, so that a cheaper, lower quality product with lots of filler still tastes as if it was proper food.

You should never need to add salt to any meal you cook. If you stop, and lay off the heavily processed food, your meals will taste bland for a few weeks until your taste buds recover. Then you will start to taste the real flavours of the food you eat. If you then eat processed food, and it tastes far too salty, your taste buds are working OK again.

If you are properly hydrated, your pee should be pale straw coloured. If it is darker, you may need to drink more water (not more tea, coffee or booze). Proper hydration and some exercise will improve your general health.

Your parents, your teachers, the government, your doctor and I get nothing from persuading you to change your diet for the better. The real beneficiary is you. You will be healthier for longer. And heart attacks and strokes are really worth avoiding. Not pleasant at all.

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The more processed food is, the more salt, fat and sugar there is likely to be in it.

Maybe, but nowadays most official health organizations and people draw the false conclusions from all that condemnation of salt, fat, sugar and more. They are all very necessary components of human beings’ nutrition despite all those anti whatever campaigning. There’s even a very old fairy tale (and movie) out there, teaching already children about that. A king is giving away all salt for getting more gold, then the whole people of his kingdom became sick and poor and he had quickly to buy back some salt for almost all of the gold just to keep his kingdom existing and getting happy again, that’s the story and lesson in a few words.

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My friend Johnnie Walker disagrees about your booze statement.

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Food in Japan very salty. Unbearable.

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Sven Asai

totally agree!

honestly, whats all that hate towards salt in Japan? Somosomo, its very very very good for health. Then, you cant really enjoy the taste of any food without it. Fat! How come no one knows that its essential for strong immunity. especially before winter, its really important to eat enough fat. Sugar can be reduced but in some cases its not very good to reduce it to zero intake. Spicy food can really be dangerous especially for those who have an irritable intestine syndrom.

Everything should be in balance and theres no problem at all.

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