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There still exists to some extent an old image of American cars as being big, not getting good mileage and quality not up to par with Japanese cars. We have to change this and bring it closer to reali


Chrysler Japan President Christopher Ellis

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The image still exists because it is still true. Detroit has changed almost nothing in the past 40 years. "Improving products" does not mean coming out with XXXL SUV #13, yet that's all they seem to be able to do year after year.

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The quality issue in this day and age is pretty outdated. Reliability surveys do not show a dramatic difference between Japan's big three and America's big three. Where the comment is wrong is on the large and in-efficient part of the equation which has been unfortunately true with the dominance of SUVs and large cars. This is and will have to change as the gas prices in the US have really damaged American manufacturers. When they get on board with hydrogen, electric and hybrids, then the view of American cars being in-efficient will no longer be true.

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Ok everyone seems to be missing the point. US Car manufactures should have been putting money into R&D to create better cars for the last ten years, but instead they found it cheaper to just pass money into the pockets of our Congress/Senators in order to reduce Govt manadated fuel effecieny levels (and other stuff like 5 mph bumber crash). This in turn allowed US auto makers to continue selling big SUV's - and why did they want to sell big gas guzzling SUV's? because there was NO foreign competition, no one else made SUV's but USA (yes there are now some foregin made ones but 5,6,7 years ago there weren't). So the big question is where will GM,Ford,Chy be putting their money - into R&D or into the pockets of our elected officals?

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