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There will be no sacred cows. So if a business is not our strength, or if a business is not in an industry of growth, or if we cannot solve the problem of carbon neutral, then I think we are going to have to ask ourselves some really tough questions.


Jean-Marc Gilson, a 57-year-old Belgian who is the new CEO of Mitsubishi Chemical, saying he will streamline its sprawling businesses that span more than 530 subsidiaries to survive in the clean energy era.

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I'd be really careful if I were him. Even if he does nothing illegal himself, he'll still end up arrested and in huge troubles, as soon as he tries shaking up those leech companies "subsidiaries", led by semi-yakuza. No sacred cows? Jean-Marc is the most unholly cow himself.

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Yeah ok buddy. First upgrade those offices from fax machines, Windows XP, mimeograph machines, hard line phones, and get them all 21st century digital. Start there tough talker.

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I have already the answers. Put your questions whenever you like and feel ready. lol

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Mr Gilson, I am a Belgian now in sports marketing, a more polluting and poisonous industry than yours, I find out very late in my career.

I agree with others here that your main problem is not on the business management side but in surviving your insider enemies. I would advise a very updated body armour with extra padding on the back.

Those 530 subsidiaries where never there to increase performance but to grease many palms.

I also would advice not to forget that Mitsubishi Chemicals is itself a subsidiary of the holding group or you will be quickly and painfully reminded of it by them.

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For that he will be crucified. This is the land of the sacred cows.

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Redux Mark Woodford, formerly of Olympus. Watch your back, bro!

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