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There’s something wrong about exploiting underprivileged women from abroad to do household work in the name of boosting female labor participation in Japan. Men’s share of housework has not yet been d


Motoko Yamagishi, secretary general of the Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan, expressing concerns about possible violations of the rihts of foreign nationals being brought into Japan as household workers or maids in Osaka and Kanagawa prefectures, which are designated by the government as special economic zones. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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While I get what you're saying... I don't think you can really link these two issues. If your family has enough wealth to hire a full time domestic helper, you're probably not too stressed about how Mrs. Mori needs to go back to work ASAP or how Mr. Mori doesn't help scrub the bathtub.

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This works fine in other countries. If the worker is willing and the employer is willing, the government should butt out.

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Works very well, except for the countries where they are exploited, abused, etc.

Plenty of examples in the news

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I worry this might take modest Japanese people back to Feudal era mentality..

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So the answer is not bring them in?? That's stupid. Bring them in with safeguards; hotline numbers they can call to report abuse. That sort of thing.

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