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These findings show that children of a relatively young age have been on the receiving end of harassment. It is important that children are taught about these issues in school from an early age to pre


Associate professor Tokuko Munesue of Kanazawa University, commenting on a survey showing that 44% of teenage girls with dating experience said they have been subjected to dating-related harassment such as restricted activity, psychological harassment, economic abuse, physical abuse and sexual assault. (Mainichi Shimbun)

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or maybe more serious penalties for the offenders, even if they are minors..

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I do not wish to be callous but I hope the survey did more than simply take these girls at their word. Just because someone feels harassed doesn't necessarily mean that someone harassed them.

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Yeah, or maybe society can stop making excuses as to why the allow said bullying to continue, and even condone it by heaping the responsibility, as is the case here, on the kids for recognizing and preventing it. You don't need to 'prevent' it if you stop it from happening.

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A while ago, all of this would have been explained as: "You're dating a jerk... get rid of him".

What is "restricted activity"?!

Is "economic abuse" when she had to pay her half?

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...children of a relatively young age have been on the receiving end of harassment.

Otherwise known as 'being a person.'

While obviously unpleasant and undesirable, it's a fact of life. Get over it.

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