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These things seem to come in waves and the new surge is linked to the elections, particularly in South Korea as criticizing Japan is a popular position. And now we have the North testing missiles as well, so there is plenty for Japan to get angry about.


Chung Hyon-suk, a Zainichi (ethnic Korean) living in Tokyo, speculating on why nationalist sentiments against ethnic Koreans are reportedly on the rise in Japan once again.

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Nationalism is on the rise around the world no doubt about that, but Asia in particular has built its political infrastructure around it and so it is not a phenomenon that is gripping the west but SOP here.

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Plenty? Certainly, there are some things that Japan could be angry about currently... But given the history of the entire region and the systematic whitewashing of it by all governments within it, it seems there is plenty of anger to go around for everybody.. But how does any of that help the state of current affairs? And to exact that anger upon people solely on the basis of their nationality is infantile, intellectually lazy and unfortunately all the rage around the world today.

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Do not lie. Do not make up stories. do not fabricate historical truths. Do Keep promises. That way the anger in Japan would be subdued significantly.

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As Aly Rustom said, it is not unexpected that another country see an increase of nationalistic feelings in their population, at this point it has become the rule and not the exception.

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