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This is a difficult issue directly related to energy security. A decision should be made after considering the impact of a disruption of the supply from Russia on the domestic economy and society as a whole.


Katsuya Nakanishi, president of Mitsubishi Corp, which has invested in Russia's Sakhalin 2 LNG project. Japanese companies are divided on whether Japan should support steps to suspend or curtail imports of resources from Russia over its invasion of Ukraine

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BP and Chevron lost billion by waking away,they had principal,Mitsubishi did not have problem with war,when they built the Zero

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solution is more simple than guy could ever imagine.

stop antirussian sanctions at first.these are meaningless at all/just check chart of joy vs rub say from jan of this year until now to find the answer/.these sanctions are damaging more japanese side than russian one.Japan is not involved in that conflict by single inch and I still dont get why all of us have to pay dearly for this?

once antirussian sanctions will be removed you will have flown of needed resources/gas,oil,minerals,wood etc/ as japanese economy needs and at price suitable for Japan.as long as you aill pay in rubles there will be no issue at all.as same rule applies for everyone.

if you wish so continue and play american poodle role than just simply forget about Sakhalin investment for good as russian side will push you out and will offer your part of business to happy chinese or indians waiting in line/i am sure that gy have ever heard about BRICS/.than look for cheap gas oil etc anywhere else.maybe on Moon???

you cant/

take seat on two seats on same time,you cant attend two weddings at same time too/proverb from my country

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Japan 'missed' (chose to ignore more like) 1 big chance to overhaul it's energy sector after 2011. It really needs to seize this chance...

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Pretending this situation was unthinkable and therefore no preparation was ever necessary is not a logical stance, but apparently is the only thing he can use as an excuse. In reality economic sanctions against Russia or China have been alwasy in the realm of the possible and countries should have had some kind of preparation in place for this situation.

Saying that doing something now will only make things complicated and hard is not an excuse for not doing something from a long time ago.

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I'm in agreement with Eastman.

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I agree with Kniknaknokkaer & virusrex

Japan needs to start to subsidize renewables, mainly solar and wind farms. Make it cheap and affordable for homes and businesses to install roof solar panels. Make it even tax deductible. Do JUST THAT, and a great amount of energy woes will evaporate.

But this is about profits and the gov and business world does not want to see a energy independent public. That's what this is all about.

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What do people always downvote you,@Aly Rustom?

It's a no-brainer to embrace domestic solar panelling here,and self-sufficiency long-term,with the current inept gerontocracy in place.

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Hora, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

if one wants to be on the right side of things, it may look too expensive ortoo much of a pity to suffer loses, but after some deliberation, and time and work there may even a better way be found.

if one wants to continue as usual because doing the above mentioned is too difficult and time consuming and much of a trouble then they will seek for an excuse in the end.

im telling ya America knew the war will happen as long before as a year ago, the news started to be made public as soon as in the fall 2021 i guess? Why Japan leaders didnt prepare, didnt make a plan, itsbecause they too thought Ukraine will be conquered in three days probably. But they still should have had plan and shouldnt let themselves become so dependant on Russia’s nice offers and ‘best prices’. Thats why the world has its problem now- because they successfully made the world so dependant on their offers.

that is the first half of the problem. Another problem is how was mentioned above. The world has long ago developed all neccessary technology to be free from ‘bad energy sources’ but the big people are doing everything they can to continue their businesses and keep having all the money they can and ruining our beautiful planet .

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Yuu,we have 785 millions barrel already stored in reserves,ready to be transported by tanker,

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What do people always downvote you,@Aly Rustom?

who cares piskin? NEVER let your ego rise above your values. post and say what you feel

screw anyone who thinks otherwise.

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