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This is an easy subject to follow. It doesn’t require much effort to ride or take photos, and anyone can get into it easily — even schoolchildren — because Japanese trains arrive on time.


Hirohiko Yokomi, a well-known train expert who has alighted at every station in Japan, explaining Japanese people's obsession with trains. (Washington Post).

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hate to burst your bubble Mr. Yokomi, but my train is regularly delayed due to safety check, mechanical issue, suicide, weather, illness of passenger, fight between passengers, etc.

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Three suicides severely disrupted my schedule this week.

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got to agree with the previous posters....... trains in my neck of the wood are often late due to wind, rain, snow, etc

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Suicides? Not at all, those are merely 人身事故, an "accident resulting in injury or death." Also, I don't think my morning train has ever been on time.

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Suicides? Not at all, those are merely 人身事故

I've often wondered about the 人身事故 (jinshinjiko) euphemism used by the railways.

In road accidents the term can include the barely injured, but how many survive a collision with a train? Business Journal claims police suppress the info (to discourage copycats?), and that Kanto alone sees 600 人身事故 a year, accounting for at least one suicide per day.


Japanese trains arrive on time

Good old Nihonjinron. A trip to Switzerland would break his little heart, poor thing.

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Ok lady fine, its because of JAPANESE trains that you follow this extremely nerdy hobby. Sorry to say it, but 85% of the people at my station who are out snapping shots of trains are also either walking to or from the local sanitarium.

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"... lady???"

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anyone can get into it easily...because Japanese trains arrive on time.

Non-sequitor, so one couldn't take pictures of trains if they arrived early or late?

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