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This is the nation’s first ever attempt to provide an opportunity for students to systematically learn about nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation at a graduate school.


A spokesperson for Nagasaki University which plans to start a nuclear studies master's course at its graduate school in fiscal 2018. (Asahi Shimbun)

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Especially since national treasure Toshiba has dropped the ball. I hope that students learn that nuclear power overdepends on betting on casino-style US capitalism.

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Give Peace a Chance. No Nukes!

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I once attended (work required it) a "peace studies" seminar in Tokyo, and it was a joke. Unless you think that "study" equates to indoctrination based on an orgy of one-sided victim-hood.

I wonder if this new wonder program will teach students about the mainstream view that the a-bombings were the main reason Japan agreed to quickly end the bloodiest war in human history.

Or whether students will merely be subjected to one chapter after another detailing Japanese victimhood and the uniquely Japanese desire for peace. I suspect it'll be the latter.

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How many people actually attend graduate school here or have graduated from one? People are surprised when I told them I attended grad school and graduated twice from it.

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A Masters course in nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation? What do they expect the degree holders to do with that, during a lifetime? All go work for the government? Become activists without jobs? Work at think-tanks? I don't think think the university is doing all that much thinking.

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I think it's a great opportunity for all students. I personally very interested in this subject. I started learning radiation since the school. I even visited Chernobyl, Ukraine and bought Dosimeter STORA-TU on https://ecotestgroup.com/products/categories/handheld-detection/ . I think it's a must have for all students who are engaged in nuclear studies.

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