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This method is easy to understand and will not create a sense of unfairness among customers.


A Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan official. KFC has decided to set the amounts of payments for its menu items for eat-in and takeout at the same levels by adjusting before-tax prices, to prevent confusion among customers, after the two-tier consumption tax hike (one for eat-in and the other for take-out) goes into effect on Oct 1.

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Something so easy turned so confusing by the pols in Tokyo.

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Exactly. They made this so convoluted when it could've been so simple.

Good on KFC for trying to simplify this debacle for their customers and workers.

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...So I guess that means take out costs will go up a bit to match the sit down cost...…..sneaky sneaky KFC!!!

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Cashless society means the state and authorities control all the finance flows inside their borders. Shadow economy and black markets become extinct, and the scum who benefited from them are rooted out and judged in courts. A win-win for a civilized world, in theory.

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Several other chains will do the same


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And about the points scheme, in the same article:

"On a government program to reward points to shoppers when they pay for goods or services using cashless systems, another measure aimed at cushioning the impact of the tax hike, major convenience stores plan to show on receipts whether such points were given for customer convenience.

Instead of giving points for later use, all four major convenience store operators are mulling a system in which points gained from purchase of a product will be used to discount the item at the time of the purchase.

“This would be convenient for customers and help ensure fairness,” an official of FamilyMart Co., one of the four firms, said."

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