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Though one stratum of Japanese society may benefit from the change in government, others may be hurt. Major corporations may be rescued with tax cuts while workers’ wages remain stagnant. That’s why t


Ryu Murakami, author of the novels “Coin Locker Babies” and “In the Miso Soup.” (New York Times)

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So true. Just the other day I was thinking, "How I miss the normally bright, smiling faces of salarymen trudging to the office..."

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Like i always say 'Always look on the brightside of life!" If they continue to look on the bad side, nothing will be solved. They will get sadder and stressed, this will hurt the family more and their job performance will slide. They should be happy they atleast have a job, and work hard with a smile on their facing so their children wont feel stressed about the families situation.

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