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Though there’s no sufficient scientific proof of their causal relationship, we concluded that we need to give consideration to those who are sensitive to chemicals as long as concerns are raised.


An Environment Ministry spokesman. The ministry had recommended women use antiperspirants, scented laundry softeners and cold sprays to combat sweat and stay dry, but received many complaints from people who have chemical sensitivities saying they can fall ill when they smell scented laundry softeners. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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What? This advice was given specifically to women? Quick - someone tell me this is a mistake!

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And echoes with the sounds of salesmen. Of salesmen. Of salesmen.

What a dumbass! It takes less than a minute for my head to start aching when I smell bleach, purfume, cologne and softener. I had to eat my lunch somewhere else yesterday cuz of this.

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Antiperspirants and laundry softeners ?- Doesn`t seem to be an issue anywhere else in the world.

I do wish however the bureaucrats in charge would give more consideration to people who have " sensitivitiy issues " with the stinking smoking oyajis in places like family restaurants where patrons including little kids are forced into breathing their smoke.

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Long an issue of debate in the USA, and plenty of studies, both reputable and not so much, on the topic. The only evidence I'll point to is the supermarket aisle... at an arbitrary guess, probably about 25% of the items on the shelf, for the kinds of products mentioned, claim dermatologist approval or sensitivity formulated - so at least marketing has taken the bit...

My doctor, for one, has always said sensitivity and chemical reaction is complex; the jury is still out on any sort of blanket finding for these kinds of items, but patient perceived sensitivity and reaction is real. It may be largely psychosomatic, but psychosomatic reactions frequently produce genuine effects, so use the products - what the heck. If it makes you feel better, go for it; one less thing to worry about.

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