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To connect pregnant women with assistance, medical, health and welfare organizations naturally must set aside sufficient time and personnel


Nobuaki Mitsuda, director of Osaka Women's and Children's Hospital. The number of pregnant women in Japan deemed to require assistance before giving birth from the perspective of preventing child abuse and other postpartum problems increased eightfold in the decade from fiscal 2009, and topped 8,300 in fiscal 2020, government surveys show.

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It's a little hard to understand this but Mitsuda seems to be saying that doctors routinely predict child abuse (and other problems), and therefore child abusers, before birth and they have deemed that it is 8 times more prevalent now than a decade before. Based on this prediction they are seeking a bigger budget. Is this prediction subsequently substantiated? Or are doctors free to make allegations?

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Is this prediction subsequently substantiated? Or are doctors free to make allegations?

Is not a prediction but a description of the current situation, the most likely explanation is not that the mothers that require support to avoid problems are becoming more common but that from 2009 (where the designation began) the doctors are now much more aware of this problem and can identify it properly instead of letting it slip unnoticed until serious consequences appeared.

Once the true magnitude of the problem is known (and it was 8 times more than what originally measured) it makes sense to ask for the support to be adjusted to this much higher need.

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