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To contribute to the prevention of juveniles repeating offenses, it’s essential to secure opportunities for them to be able to interact with ordinary citizens through such activities as clean-up activ


Prof Hiroshi Tsutomi of the University of Shizuoka, a researcher of criminology who is an expert on issues concerning juvenile delinquents. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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such activities as clean-up activities and drink tea together after the work is over

Though it sounds quite twee, this could just be a path to that scarce commodity, forgiveness.

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I can also think of a number of other outcomes from such interactions:

The juvenile delinquents in question could invingle themselves into the confidence of ordinary citizens and then commit crimes against them, a sort of modern-day interpretation of the old Indian practice of thuggy. "Here grandma, just look up at the stars......"

The other outcome of this is a boom in tea sales, which would probably not go astray considering this chap teaches at the University of Shizuoka.
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How about drafting them into a Junior SDF program where they will get discipline beaten into them?

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Yeah, that's exactly what young people want, drinking tea with old geezers. Or clean up other people's mess. Sure Mr. Professor, great idea. Another out of touch "educator" in Japan.

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How does one become an expert on juvenile delinquents if he thinks making them drink tea is going to make them stop doing crimes?

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Extraordinarily unperceptive "expert". On the other hand even the most callow youth are perceptive of the hypocrisy, disguised egotism and corruption of their elders and act accordingly in such a social system.

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Local residents will be able to deepen their understanding about juvenile delinquents

No. Local residents view them as outcasts. They will never be understood. It's either conform or be cast out. The ostracization of delinquents, here in Japan, is too strong. Got a tattoo? They don't understand that too.

it’s essential to secure opportunities for them

It is essential for japan to realize how warped their society is . . . . then go from there.

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Japanese delinquents are unique. When given the job of cleaning up a neighborhood they have absolutely no attachment to other than a mutual language, they suddenly become thankful for the opportunity. Delinquents in the decadent other countries would tell the authorities to take a hike, throw the brooms & rakes at each other, and riducle the sheeple they'e supposed to be cleaning with.

A MEANINGFUL interchange - delinquent likes cars, works with a mechanic in a garage; delinquent likes doodling, works with an artist etc might do what the good professor thinks tea drinking will do.

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