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Tokyo is the best food city hands down. That's where chefs are going for innovations. There's also a history of food traditions. They are so far ahead of us.


Jen Murphy, chief editor of U.S. publication Food and Wine Magazine. Tokyo is the hottest city for food lovers for a second consecutive year because of its abundance of innovative restaurants and superb ingredients, according to the magazine. Barcelona came in second, followed by Copenhagen, London and New York. (Reuters)

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I don't disagree there. But London within the top 5? Beyond peoples image of Fish and Chips London does have some good restaurants, but compared to Paris or Florence forget about it. I guess Jen Murphy hasn't been to many places.

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I think you've managed to miss out on the UK food revolution if you're surprised about London. I believe theres been more new Michelin stars awarded to UK restaurants (many in London) in some recent years than in France.

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"Tokyo is the hottest city for food lovers..." I think they should have inserted the word "rich" in front of "food lovers." There may be a ton of innovative restaurants in Tokyo, but I'll be damned if I could ever afford to eat in any of them.

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I disagree with some cities in this list. So Tokyo is a best place to have a meal than Rome? If you don´t mind salt-less food and restaurants that look like airport terminals, then this list suits you. To me, Lisbon, Ankara, other simple-sophisticaded cuisines are much better than Tokyo and Copenhagen for instance.

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Why is the headline of this story bigger than the whole contents of the article? And why oh why are there no Australian cities on there? Has this Jen Murphy character ever been to Sydney or Melbourne where you will find the greatest range of quality restaurants and fresh food available?

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Why is the headline of this story bigger than the whole contents of the article?

because it isn't a headline, its 'quote of the day'.

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