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Total media exposure time has increased because of more hours being spent at home under the coronavirus pandemic. That has, in our view, changed the way people watch TV and has accelerated the trend of viewing videos through online streaming services and connecting to the internet through smart TVs.


Taeko Niimi, a senior researcher with the Institute of Media Environment. Smart TVs designed specifically to not receive conventional broadcasts have been selling well in recent months to people who do not watch traditional TV broadcasts.

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What will NHK do?

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some might do so.

as here was happy to have more time to spend with family,wife,kids...even without NHK or TV...spent time outside,nature,hiking,trips,fishing,camping...

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It has also changed the way people think and view the world. It used to be that the narratives being pushed by TV stations became the "universal" narrative, but nowadays, polarizing narratives are available by the click of a finger. That also made this world an even more dangerous place to have an opinion.

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Traditional TV broadcasts are also of low quality which makes it easier to opt not to see them, and most of the shows that are actually of good quality can be still seen on streaming services anyway.

Trying to avoid the NHK fees is also an advantage for some people, for as long as they can get away with it since the NHK seems to be fighting it.

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I watch football, gardening and a few other programmes on TV and maybe one drama a year ('Grace' this year), avoiding all national news broadcasts and anything with politicians in. Everything else I watch on DVD. I have no plans to subscribe to any paid streaming service. If they turn broadcast TV off and stop releasing DVDs, I'll do without new content. YouTube is good for MVs and I have almost every TV series and movie I've ever enjoyed from the 70s onwards on DVD. If Netflix film any of my novels, I'll only see them if they send me a DVD. Given the way books get turned into TV series, I might be happier if I don't watch them.

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