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Twenty-five percent of Japanese people watch five or more hours of television a day. We advise that they get up and walk around once an hour, or massage their calves.


Toru Shirakawa, a specially appointed researcher of public health at Osaka University and a member of a research team that found people who watch television for long periods of time are at a higher risk of dying from pulmonary embolisms. (Mainichi Shimbun)

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That and to lessen the risk of going brain-dead at the same time.

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Perhaps it is because of that NHK has changed its news coverage from economics news to weather reports and world news.

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Is that >5 hours "actively" watching? Or is the TV just on, droning away in the background, making them feel less alone?

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Get rid of the TV! You won't miss it! The programmes are largely mindless crap and it cuts communication in the house.

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My advice to these people is you are watching way too much TV. get a real life.

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my tv is my best friend

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If it was up to me my house would be totally TV-free. Sadly, my J-wife still thinks it is one of life's essentials.

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We advise that they get up and walk around once an hour, or massage their calves.

..... or download Pokemon Go.

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Television is religion here.

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Surely the danger to mental health is much greater.

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I'm curious about how they did the study. There might be a generation gap. My parents and their generation seem to come home, turn on the tv, and just leave it on passively for hours. I asked my father and my father-in-law about this and they said the same thing: for people their age, raised on tv, the house feels too quiet without the tv on.

My husband and I would never do that, though. We're always on our computers, and most of my colleagues in their 20s-30s spend more time with their phones than tv. I would guess kids are glued to their phones constantly rather than tv too.

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Five hours of (mostly) garbage TV. Step outside and play PokemonGo instead.

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Actually, I was joking about Pokemon Go...

From the down votes, it looks like some people thought I was being serious?!

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