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Twitter fills a void in Japan. Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn’t require people to use their real names. A lot of Japanese consumers sign up with user names that correspond with a specific interest. This enables people to connect with others who are interested the same niche subject.


Kiyo Yamauchi, who leads user research for Twitter in Japan, commenting on the mass appeal of Tweeter in Japan.

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They don’t use their real names so that they can hide!

I used my real name to communicate publicly with a CEO, I know for sure that he got my message.....

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Actually there are a lot of fake names on FB, too.

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loads of perverts are happy to be in disguise so that they can pounce on their prey veiled in fake user names :)

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Wasn't that the reason why Mixi was popular for so long and Facebook didn't take off for a few years because of the whole anonymity thing?

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Riskymosaic that’s funny lol

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They did this to hide in that Japanese start-up Mixi, too, and it died because what was supposed to be an SNS became a scattered group of public interests with no faces, no names, and no real heart. Why are Japanese so scared of using their names?

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Daniel lafrance

Thanks. I was well aware of the irony though! Guess the mods disagreed about the comedic value, however.

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