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Under ordinary circumstances, monkeys don't go near people. If it is the same one monkey (that was involved in all the incidents), it's possible that it was given food from people and now it thinks that it can get food from human beings if it gets close enough.


Noriko Takahashi, who is in charge of caring for and displaying animals at Itozu no Mori Zoological Park in the city of Kitakyushu's Kokurakita Ward. Eighteen people in residential areas in the city's Wakamatsu Ward have been injured in monkey attacks since August.

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I have had two pet monkeys in my life. Extremely intelligent but can be aggressive and bite. Dogs make for better pets as do rabbits.

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Monkey pets are so working class. Get a Cheetah or go home.

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I do not know what the animals in his zoo are like but the monkeys around here are aggressive.

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I have had two pet monkeys

The song I'm forever blowing bubbles springs to mind

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@ Mick: one was named Charlie and the other was named Micky

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@ Mick: one was named Charlie and the other was named Micky

Mick was referring to an old joke related to Michael Jackson and his pet chimp Bubbles.

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Sorry *@Mickelicious 11:58a your comment *was MUCH funnier without the @4:49 explanation:

[…I have had two pet monkeys] “The song I'm forever blowing bubbles springs to mind” -

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