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Under the current circumstances, where it is difficult to interact with neighbors and get together with friends for hobbies due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial to prevent isolation by keeping in touch with family members and acquaintances more often.


A clinical laboratory technician who works at the Osaka Prefectural Medical Examiner's Office. More people are dying alone at home and their bodies are going undiscovered for longer periods during the health crisis, with some only being found after more than six months.

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pandemic or not, knock on the neighbours door and say hello. I’ve only been told to sod off once.

And keeping in contact with regular video chats with beer, snacks and friends isn’t the same as an izakaya but it really helps avoid going stir crazy.

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Oh, I see, that’s why my favorite yakitoriya is closed now for weeks. You wanna scratch my isolated remainings out of here in six months. ROFL

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We have great neighbours and we interact with each other. The food store is only about five minutes walk but many days takes much longer when we stop to have chats with people. This summer they gave us so many vegetables from their fields. All the old folks have been vaccinated. There are also a healthy number of young children and a few are our students.

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My neighbours either ignore each other or loathe each other.

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Most neighbors do not interact here, and people love staying indoors as cave dwelling prevents one from seeing the weather, no matter what the weather is and not complain about it.

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