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Unless people can receive the checks in the evening and on weekends and holidays, and do so at local clinics, the number of blood donations checked for HIV will not decrease.


Ichiro Itoda, director of Shirakaba Clinic in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, which provides HIV tests, saying that currently, many public facilities only offer HIV tests during on weekdays. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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Medicine isn't designed to prevent sickness only treat it....good luck for trying to prevent it

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I know I'm not the only one who is baffled by this statement. How does increasing the number of donations decrease the number of donations checked for HIV?

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I think the bafflement stems from what looks like (yet another) poor translation. What it means (I think) is that people who want to be tested for HIV cannot use the local clinics because they are open only during the week, when people are working; so the people who are worried they may have HIV go instead to a blood donation centre and give blood because they know the blood will be routinely tested for HIV among other things, and they will be informed of the result.

Anyone who suspects they may have a serious transmittable disease and goes to give blood for their own convenience, regardless of the potential danger to the recipient, deserves to have all their blood drained (it's tainted, right?) and replaced with cat pee.

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Is this a correct quote? Shouldn't he have said, "increase?"

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