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Visitors’ tastes depend on where they come from. For example, Europeans like unspoiled Japanese landscapes, while Thais favor mountains. Areas other than major cities have many opportunities if they f


Akiko Mitsuhashi, a senior researcher at JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co, referring to the inbound tourism boom. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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Visitors’ tastes depend on where they come from.

Why? Because we are all just representatives of our countries? Or even continents, according to Mitsuhashi. How about it could be something to do with individual tastes? Some Europeans might like the chaotic blandness of Japanese cities while others can't wait to get out of it.

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JTB puts together some great tours. I took one this summer to Seoul. You do have to know Japanese though, or else you will be totally confused. I give them an "A+"

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it is so nice to read broad generalizations of 300+ million persons,,,

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it is so nice to read broad generalizations of 300+ million persons

I believe it's called omotenashi

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It depends on individuals . In my case, as I live in big city, where I go overseas I prefer coutryside !!

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Without wanting to sound like a wet blanket, I bet the majority of Europeans visiting Japan do not actually see any "unspoiled Japanese landscapes". You've usually got to go out of your way to see one, with up a mountain usually your best bet. Before he died, Akira Kurosawa said that most of the scenery he'd used in his films was long gone.

I'm sure most Europeans coming to Japan have a great time all the same.

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Folks interested enough in Japan to read a publication like JT will probably find themselves as exceptions to the rule. Marketers generalize because it's very hard to market in a cost-effective fashion otherwise. I imagine most leisure tourists that spend the dollars for JTB tours want to see things different from what they see back home while still having access to creature comforts.

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