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Watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, I felt a mix of sadness and pride. After 18 months barred from entering, like many other lovers of Japan – not to mention travelers with plans on hold – I am itching to return. So, for 17 days, I was glued to the Olympic coverage on TV, as much for the thrill of watching Team GB as to catch sight of a country I love; of Mount Fuji, of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay, of the rolling Pacific Coast, even downtown Sapporo, way up in Hokkaido, where the marathon events were shifted to cooler climes.


London-based Telegraph writer Kate Crockett, writing about her impressions of watching the Tokyo Olympics on TV.

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I'm actually thoroughly enjoying Japan without the hordes of tourists to be honest

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A little obsessed?

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Now tell that to the thousands of students, researchers, employees, etc. who have been hired last year and cannot enter Japan to do their work, gambling their career away. I bet they were very happy with the tens of thousands of olympic-related people allowed in

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A little obsessed?

Her Linkedin describes lots of travel writing. These days, that is almost exclusively payola (i.e., fully paid-for and thinly disguised advertising) so all producers of it will use a gushy tone.

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You’re lucky you weren’t allowed.

It’s grotesque in summer. My Fuji is OK, but sadly it’s littered with plastic.

Tokyo bay is highly polluted and not all that picturesque. Rainbow bridge isn’t so spectacular either. There are better bridges in Japan if that’s your thing.

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Chotto icky, but if she is being paid as a talent, or twitterin woman making a buck more power to her, and if she ever gets here, learn the language and learn to eat Natto to become part of the tribe. And please, please, please do not wear geta or a fake Kimono.

That is so icky as well.

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I know how she feels - my main annual leave holidays are... were spent in Japan every 18 months or so. I had been booked to go in Autumn 2020, rebooked four times since then... currently planned to go in April 2022... I have the feeling I won't be able to go then either.


I'm actually thoroughly enjoying Japan without the hordes of tourists to be honest

And unlike you I miss seeing tourists here in Scotland from overseas...

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Did she used to work at the 'Monocle'?

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Tokyo Bay is by far one of the worst parts of Tokyo to live in. It's souless and a grid of shopping malls that are surprisingly not even connected by public transport (as opposed to the situation in Hong Kong or Singapore). The climate gets the worst from Tokyo Bay humidity and winds.

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I'm actually thoroughly enjoying Japan without the hordes of tourists to be honest

Me too!

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Pukey2Today  07:03 pm JST

I'm actually thoroughly enjoying Japan without the hordes of tourists to be honest

Me too!

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Ditto on that. Traveling now in Japan is amazing, to say the least. And talk about photo opportunities without hearing loud abusive tourists as well is like being on another planet.

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I feel the same way as she does. Most regular visitors do. It doesn't mean we are blind to the issues in Japanese society. It is just nice to escape the chav-rich, Disunited Kingdom as much as we can.

Tourists are not all obnoxious. Some are because they have different cultural norms. Travel broadens the mind, but so does the experience of having tourists. Kyoto is discovering as it makes cuts to its budget, tourism also bring in cash. Without tourism, footfall for shops and other facilities may drop below a viable level. Lose tourism long term, and an awful lot more will go to.

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