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We’ve seen the collapse of communism and now we’re seeing the collapse of capitalism. Surely, somewhere in between there must be a better middle road for us to travel.


Yasuhisa Wakabayashi, a recent recruit to the Japanese Communist Party (GlobalPost.com)

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We haven't seen the collapse of capitalism. We have seen the results of government intervention, where companies that get big enough know the government will bail them out, and practice their businesses accordingly.

We have not had a free market. We have had a government-controlled market in which politicians, not consumers, decide which companies should be favored.

Finding something between communism and the recent interventionist system is exactly what governments are trying now, and it will prove to be much more disastrous.

For example, bad assets such as foreclosed homes must be allowed to take on their true market value, yet no politician who wants to win his next election is going to sign on for that. By propping up home prices, we will just perpetuate the boom-bust cycle, since the market will inevitably correct itself later, but with far worse results.

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The normal middle of the road politics at 6 o'clock on the political face won't help either. We need to try something at 12 O'clock. Capitalism as we have been practicing it has a design error. Its called inflation. In order to make profits some one else has to make goods at a price below market value. What we need is STEADY STATE CAPITALISM where the insatiable desire for profit is taxed out of existence and companies and individuals are encouraged by tax credits to invest in their companies and the less fortunate and green projects and education and so on. Unfortunately it is unlikely to happen anywhere in the world while the "Old money" is still in control of the global system.

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refried beans and todays quote have more in common than finding a better road between communisn and capitalism. With the latter two eliminate greed and selfishness from either from the top down and there you will find what you need.

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Let's see here. I would think that kavi is a dreamer in that you will never eliminate greed and selfishness, especially from the top down. Didja ever notice that the people at the top always have the best of everything, including in communist countries? Interesting, isn't it.

Tee is right over the top because taxing profit out of existence is called socialism, not "steady state capitalism." This has been proven to not work as well by Britain and Sweden.

Shug is pretty close to correct. You're not going to be able to change human nature. And the wall st. insiders did a good job as foxes guarding the chicken coop. That's how government works.

Capitalism survived the 1930s and it will survive this debacle too. Too bad tarring and feathering has gone out of style though, I would like to ride a bunch of the AIG execs on a rail.

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Communism doesn't work, and we will get a big, fat dose of cloaked communism with this idiotic "Stimulus Package".

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Capitalism, Socialism and Communism have the same self destructive flaw "exploitation" and because of this no ideology being based on materialism can succeed.

Only humanism which puts peoples rights and freedoms first negating exploitation can succeed.

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There is no need for terminology for any systems of rule based on Marx or West.

Just let globalizations of global trade carry on to max with various products and various services from all nationals for use by all nationals.

Globalisation of communications,educations and jobs will be good way forward for all nations. Let there be all kinds of products/services free low moving globally.

Let free flow of goods,finance and services carry on. There is no perfect isms for world,there is only trials and errors of the systems.

Probably, the best system should be one Ruler for all nations, monarch system of super perfect king. Past king systems have not guaranteed continuation of perfections via sons.

Today's king must handle the complexity of ruling all 200 nations and their political complexity.

There need to be many rich nation leaders to help make a nice systems for all nations in world.

May be Obama should give it a try with many asistants, as USA is biggest and richest nation in 2009/2010s and beyond.

Fiscal discipline and other disciplines in way of life,is first major project for all nations especially USA.

No materialism way can suceed,without highest discipline in the systems.

Break of fiscal discipline by companies and finance institutions,is in need of more projects for global/domestic check of finance bodies and companies.

Companies that are suspect need to be exposed so that people can avoid damages from them.

Cheating is always there in the systems, more checks and balance should be put into all aspects of economic systems in all global nations.

World needs more honest to god people in companies and finance institutions. Honesty is best policy for all nations.

Lack of honesty in systems,is cause for global woes today. From more honest exposure in the systems,we can start a healing process for the systems. There too much cover ups in the economic systems. Stop the cover ups via honest policies,the economic woes will reduce in all nations.

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ca1ic0cat at 09:00 PM JST - 16th March

Let's see here. I would think that kavi is a dreamer in that you will never eliminate greed and selfishness, especially from the top down. Didja ever notice that the people at the top always have the best of everything, including in communist countries? Interesting, isn't it.


Then what are we doing here?

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