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We'd like schools to continue reviewing their rules with students, guardians and other related parties at least once a year. We'd also like to closely examine the specific nature of the revised rules.


A Kumamoto prefectural education board spokesperson. None of 78 public schools surveyed recently by the board were demanding students submit documents proving they had naturally wavy or non-black hair, but nearly half still had dress codes regulating underwear.

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So, they’re saying “We reserve the chance to inspect girls’ underwear.” - Creepy and outdated.

Here’s the headline:Japan pref. schools still regulate underwear: survey from June 1st, 2022 in the Mainichi Shimbun.

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'I was checking the underwear codes are being obeyed' may go down better with the Judge than 'I was drunk and remember nothing'.

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CHANGE. The only thing that is nearly impossible to happen in Japan.

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“Rule dakara!!!”

Never seen a culture that is actually conditioned from a young age to follow and adhere to pure mind numbing absurdity, where the initial indoctrination starts in the form of school rules. Oh, the list of what you can’t do!!! At least it’s a list of ideas for the rebellious kids, they probably would’ve never come up with naughty stuff to do without them!

Ask any current or ex-ALT what they saw on the job, day in and day out, for the horror stories. Institutionalized mean spirited half-wits running the show, thinking it’s actual education; my only solace was that they were raised this way too and know nothing different. Control is the game, at all costs. The damage done to young hungry minds who take this sort of absurdity for granted follows on into society.

The patrols, the fervor, the screaming and yelling, the long lectures with the kids heads and eyes sunken down in defeat. And we wonder why ‘life long learning’ isn’t a thing here! One battle hardened expat from the trenches put it well, ‘It’s a holding pen, Ricky,’ he says to me a few years back. The lost decades start early!

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I guess, only the two main rules, to teach and to learn something, are the ones you won’t find anywhere at all those schools. That’s the real problem and the only one.

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The mere fact that they think every single Japanese person is born with stick-straight jet black hair really shows how ignorant and out of touch with reality they are. As for checking students' underwear - what possible justification do they have for implementing such a rule aside from them satisfying some untoward gratification? How does the color of a student's underwear affect their academic studies? Many Japanese school rules are utterly absurd and a violation of a student's rights. Change needs to happen and it needs to happen NOW.

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Whose job is it to check the underwear? That would be one pathetic occupation, and probably explains the number of upskirt photo nuts and panty thieves. In one really upscale hotel's video game arcade I saw a vending machine full of panties. Oh, well, that's Japan!

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