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We’re implementing thorough preventive measures in break rooms and ensuring our facilities are well ventilated. We want to prevent clusters from occurring.


A spokesperson for Aeon Co, which operates many supermarkets and other commercial complexes. Many employees have tested positive for coronavirus, but the company has opted to clean each shop where infected employees work rather than close complexes.

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Deciding to clean up your break room (which should have been happening even before the pandemic, let alone 19 months into it) while staff interact with thousands of daily customers who pack into these malls is like putting a band-aid on an amputated arm.

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Supermarkets such as Aeon are essential services. No doubt all understand the risk - the employees above all - but imagine the chaos if every supermarket in Japan shut down.

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The situation in its current state is not sustainable in the long term. It really is like putting a plaster on an amputated arm, as has been mentioned in the discussion here. Systematic solutions are needed, not just delaying the agony. So far, future problems are only looming ahead. Because everyone is waiting to see if the government will finally decide something. And nobody wants to decide anything on their own.

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 And nobody wants to decide anything on their own.

That's Japan!!!

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We are far away from perfection...

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Laguna: "but imagine the chaos if every supermarket in Japan shut down."

It would be the result of the people's actions and nothing less. A completely unavoidable chaos that people have been too self-absorbed to take part in preventing. Now, to be fair, people have been quite good about masking up. But that's it.

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We use Aeon's "Net Supa" to have the bulk of our groceries delivered. We have always wiped everything down with an alcohol solution before putting it away. After reading about their employee infection history, I'm glad we're still doing that.

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