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A public relations representative at the Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems, which operates the My Number card system. A flood of applications for passwords for My Number individual identification cards, which residents need if they want to apply online for a 100,000 yen coronavirus compensation payment from the government, is making it difficult to access the system.

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I applied for my card a couple of months ago, and just got the notification yesterday. Took twice as long as normal. Now it's off to the ward office to pick it up.

"applying for a password"? I didn't know about that.

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Jeff Lee, “"applying for a password"? I didn't know about that.”

From what I’ve seen in the TV news I believe this is actually people applying for a new password because they have forgotten the one they set when they first got the card. Also some people have let their cards expire and are applying for new ones. Both indications that even the minority if the population who have the cards do not really use them frequently enough to remember the password (and either didn’t keep a note of it or can’t remember where the note is) or pay attention to the expiration date. As getting these issues straightened out require visits in person at the local office this is having the effect of causing crowds gathering, exactly what we’re supposed to be avoiding. It also takes time to check the info given in the application with the original info on the card to weed out people trying to use someone else’s card etc. which means long waits at the office. They are now advising that doing the application for the ¥100,000 may go faster by mailing in the paper application rather than doing it online using the my number card.

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Unbelievable. My daughter in the U.S. was able to receive the government payments back in March and the unemployment came shortly thereafter. All without leaving her home (thank goodness).

The U.S. has certainly messed some things up but they at least got the initial financial aid out quickly.

The inability to get this done along with the "Charlie Foxtrot" mask scenario is reinforcing my belief that the people in Nagata cho are inept, incompetent, and do not care....all combined.

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