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We're not at a point where we can announce a specific date for resuming the campaign. We're in a situation where we should assume that the spread of the coronavirus will proceed rapidly. The basic premise for resuming the tourism campaign is that the infection situation remains calm.


Tourism minister Tetsuo Saito, saying the government will hold back from restarting its Go To Travel domestic tourism promotion campaign this month, although the Japan Tourism Agency had indicated that the campaign might be restarted as soon as late January.

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this campaign is totally unnecessary & would be a waste of our tax money.

People are going to travel anyway.

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need to stay home!

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I understand that because of his position he can't make any declaration actively dismissing the Go To Travel campaign, so I guess this is the best he can say in the circumstances.

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What about the great many Japanese people involved in the business of getting people to holiday abroad? What support are they getting? What is the government doing to support them? SFA it would seem.

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wth is that… did you have a bad day at work or the girlfriend ran away to someone else? Lol No foreign resident is blamed for the pandemic, nor are human rights violated, or which ones are in your seldom case, as you are included in ‘everyone’? Compared to other countries you even still have all former freedom, not even financial punishments for mask or vaccination deniers, beating police , being fired from workplaces in numbers, etc.; also here very reasonable and only temporary restaurant time limits if the infection waves might reach a local max, almost no travel restrictions, and now only that specific bonus program that could save you a few yen when on your travel, is postponed a few weeks and that makes you judging so extremely hard?

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