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We also recall that the world marveled at the resiliency and dignity of the Japanese people as they worked to overcome the tragedy.


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, commenting on the 2nd anniversary of the March 11, 2011 disaster in Japan. (AFP)

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Maybe up in Tohoku but down here in Tokyo it was every obaasan for herself and I was blown away at the violence displayed over grabbing the last cup ramen and tissue box.

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It's true robots will follow orders and march to work despite disasters surrounding them (unless those disasters are in another country, then the Japanese will rush home.)

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I know a bloke who still hasn't got through all the toilet paper his wife panic-bought, fighting tooth and nail with the other obaasans in a magnificent display, not of resiliency (surely resilience?), nor of dignity, but simple frightened self-interest. I know a lot of office workers who did not have the wit to try to consider a life outside "business as usual", when the phones were down and the lifts were still shut off, they went trooping back to their comfort zones until ordered to go home by management.

I think we were lucky that the food supply lines to major cities were not subject to major disruption. Three skipped meals and we would have seen people's true colours.

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