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We are at a different moment in a different time that requires we modernize and strengthen it in a way and at a pace that has not been true for the last 40 years. This is a unique opportunity.


Rahm Emanuel, the former Chicago mayor and long-time Democratic Party insider, who is the new U.S. ambassador to Japan. He said domestic and international circumstances were aligned for Japan to bolster its U.S. alliance. The war in Ukraine has renewed focus on the security challenges posed by China, and Kishida faces a July election in which he will want to showcase a close relationship with Biden and an ability to manage the alliance.

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-modernise and strengthen...

ie. The US believes Japan should buy more US weaponry, from F35s to nukes, and be prepared to use it.

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nice but empty words,its art to say too much and say or promise nothing.

his speech writer just did a brilliant job.

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I only wonder who ever can or will pay all that expensive weapons and stuff under weak currency and childless aging society conditions.

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Word salads are us.

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Did that scumbag make these comments while visiting HIROSHIMA?? That would be wholly characteristic of this crass, rude, zionist troublemaker who, in the presence of the site of one of the greatest WAR CRIMES of one of the bloodiest and most heinous centuries in Human history, tries to deceitfully convince with fear and loathing a people who will be the first to deeply suffer should the United States finally take one step too far in our aggression against the entire world. Weapons, turning Japan into a fortress, CANNOT 'defend' Japan should a major war between the U.S. and China and/or Russia be ignited. And use of the word "alliance" when Japan is a militarily occupied and economically dominated vassal of the U.S. is PURE psychopathic dishonesty to anyone paying attention. Selling Death is all this chump is good for...

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