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We are not led by the big stars. We don't have Barack Obama, we don't have Michael Jordan. But again I have to state that the Olympics is not staged by the person, it is won and staged by a team. We a


Hidetoshi Maki, deputy director General of the Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid committee, referring to comments that Tokyo is regarded as one of the less favored cities because it lacks the cache of a globally recognizable figure to front the bid. (AFP)

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Has nothing to do with the drawing power of superstars. When the US makes bids, it doesn't generally use the "Well, we've got Michael Jordan" stretegy to win votes.

Tokyo is less favored because it's already hosted the Olympics once. Yes, that was back in the 60s, but that doesn't change the fact.

If the Olympics were to come to Japan again, the country would have a vastly greater chance if they chose a different city to host it. IMO, Fukuoka was a far better choice than another run in Tokyo.

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Having no Jordan or Obama is Tokyo's biggest hurdle.... yeah, right.

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Considering the speakers position, I understand the point he desires to convey.

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You want Barack? Take him, please

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Send the Olympics to the country where all the male tv personalities dress like women and the whole country loves it. The same country where it is ok for dirty old men to look at books showing little girls performing sex acts. The same country where the cops and teachers are having affairs with little schol girls. The same country where men act like dogs and piss everywhere as if they are marking their spots. The same country that preaches that being different from others is the worse thing possible.

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But they have that guy who puts on blackface and impersonates Barack Obama! ...what? Not the same thing?

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We are not led by the big stars. We don't have Barack Obama, we don't have Michael Jordan.

Then you wont win.

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But if that doesn't work out, how about Kumi Koda?

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Mmm ... a team led by a right wing xenophobe.

No thanks.

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