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We are prepared for the government to publicly name our restaurants for non-compliance.


A PR spokesperson for Global Dining, operator of popular restaurant Gompachi and other eateries, which is not complying with the government's business-hour requests to close its 30 restaurants at 8 p. m. in Tokyo and three surrounding prefectures.

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With this quote they’ve preempted the government and publicly named themselves... but honestly, if that’s the only power the government has... why would they comply? It really comes down to the customers making the right decisions.

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They didn’t learn from pachinko naming and shaming doesn’t work?

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Wont be going to any of their establishments again ..friends also.

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If they name them, that's going to be advertisement for them. Why not close them down instead? if they can deport foreigners for breaking quarantine and ruin their lives as well as their JAPANESE spouses and children's lives they can at least close down the non compliant businesses.

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Free advertising, woohoo!

If I needed to get my pachinko fix back in May and in the news showed up that xyz pachinko wasn't closing by 20:00, guess where I was gonna be showing up.

It'sthe same this time. Just the same as "publicly naming" those burakku kigyou that refused to improve labour conditions. Has that worked? And now citizens who fail to comply with self quarantining after landing in JP will be dealt with more "publicly naming."

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Life does not matter.

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Arrogant and dangerous. Shows the government’s Covid urging is useless.

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It's only a request, not the law. The business owner has the right to do whatever he thinks it's best for his restaurant.

And who wouldn't want the free advertising anyway, now people will know where to go whenever they feel like dining out during the so called 'state of emergency

Wont be going to any of their establishments again ..friends also.

Oh no! The business owner will lose loads of sleep over it!

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Nobody cares if the name of such restaurants are published or not. Especially not the owners.

If they have any concern about that, they would close by 8pm.

If I read a name of such a restaurant, already after 1 hour I forgot.

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Isn't this akin to sticking your middle finger up? Your move, government. Wotcha gonna do? The government can only punish foreigners (with deportation).

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As noted above - free advertising. No legal recourse as yet to close them anyway. Don't agree with them necessarily, but it just a 'request' from the government. I know several places that are not complying (they are not advertising the fact though). They'll be buzzing every night as of now.

Appalling food...so even if I was desperate to go out, I'd pass.

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My new favorite chain. Will go to all their brands.

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Seems to become a free commercial advertisement for that and all similar companies.

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