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We believe that accidents have increased this year because of the fine weather we had on many holidays and a growing number of people who are enjoying recreational activities in less-crowded situations.


A representative of the 7th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Kitakyushu. The Japan Coast Guard is calling for people to be more cautious, following a rash of accidents in Kyushu and Okinawa prefectures that involved personal watercraft.

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There were big waves, heavy rains and swollen rivers just before the major holiday season. This is why there were more accidents.

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That’s contradicting, more accidents in less-crowded situations. Accidents only happen in a maximum crowded situations, one or more people at the same time and the very same place. There is no more crowded situation than the accident one.

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So much effort @Reckless 11:31am is made to teach swimming & water sports in Japan, perhaps sufficient time should also be dedicated to some basic rules for activity ‘on the water’? - Rules for not just powered-craft like jetskis but also the right of way for surfboards, paddle-boards, canoes, kayaks, etc.

Then again, perhaps it’s asking too much when most in Japan are perplexed to see a foreign cyclist using basic hand-signals well before their intended turning, straight forward travel or most importantly, their intention to slow and STOP!

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Seems to be no rules like bicycles on sidewalks.

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Personal water craft? There are so few for such an island country.

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