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We can't afford to hire new graduates as we have no work for them to do due to the coronavirus.


An official of a wedding services company, after the company withdrew its job offer to a 20-year-old graduate who was supposed to start work in April. Cancellations of job offers are increasing in Japan as companies are concerned about the impact on their earnings from the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Back in the 90s during the "lost decade" a lot of graduating students entered a job market that just didn't have careers available for them and that generation is still paying for it today.

I feel really bad for students graduating this year who will be facing a similar lack of positions, though a bit more hopeful that unlike in the 90s the economic fall out will be a bit shorter lived and their entry into the workforce will just be delayed a bit rather than completely derailed. Must be extremely stressful for them though.

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My son just graduated from university here in Japan; he too is facing the coronavirus hiring freeze.

I told him there is always the SDF...

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SDF sounds like a great option. Safe, free room and board and lots of fun things to learn and do. Good advise Skyrock.

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You would be willing to have your son possibly die for Abe and Aso?

Man,any menial jobs would be better than that.

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Why companies or any incorporations on employment just think of what is today, no tomorrow vision, no yesterday reflection. The capitalism we're living TODAY life means still unclear to results or prospects!

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Well, now people are starting to see one of the problems with the whole "shuukatsu" system and kids spending their entire third year of university job hunting instead of studying (with the government passing legislation that would not limit it to starting from third year, but open from first year on), and things like "owahara" (owaru harassment, where these companies that promise a job do so on the condition that the future employees will no longer look for any jobs thereafter). Such systems should be abolished, permanently, and kids should not start looking until shortly before graduation. This would not have happened if they had.

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