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We can't contain it but we can slow its spread. How to do that is the question. We can't lock things down as they did in Wuhan.


Hiroshi Oshitani, a professor of virology at Tohoku University School of Medicine, saying the situation concerning the coronavirus in Japan had entered a new stage.

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Can't lock things down? Is he kidding? That's almost what happens every year during Shogatsu (new year's). a few years back, even the bank ATMs were "locked down" and combini shelves were bare. Public facilities, events, etc. all dead and empty. Japan should be very good at doing this.

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People must be educated on proper hygiene to avoid spreading the virus. Urging them to wear dusk masks and giving them a false sense of security from them is not going to do anything.

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Can the Japan goverment make a statement telling Japan cashiers, retail workers to start using the coin dish again and not try to touch customers hand when giving back change!


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Allow more work from home- maybe temporarily shut down schools in the vicinity of areas where those found to be infected live and work.. Mandatory testing at schools... There's alot more that Japan can do..

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