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We cannot postpone the issue of the disposal of the vast amount of nuclear waste generated from operating nuclear power plants. It is up to the international community to cooperate and address this pr


Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa Taue, calling for international efforts to address mounting high-level radioactive waste from nuclear power generation. (Jiji Press)

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"Ehh, I'm sure we'll find a solution 100-200 years from now. By then it won't be none of my problem! Hurrah!"

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While Japan government is championing restart of nuke plants at will, USA government has stopped issuing and/or renewing permits for nuke electricity plants until the issue of long term nuclear waste storage is resolved!!!! These are people who put health and well being of citizens up and above profits...Even their local 'nuclear villages' and corrupt politicians cannot deter their resolve...!!

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I think this article/quote may be painting the situation in an inaccurate light. For sure the true waste is an issue. But then why are we breeding and stockpiling plutonium? Japan alone apparently has 10's of tons of plutonium! - the most dangerous substance/matter known.. That's enough to destroy all life on the planet.

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Why the international community? Japan is promoting nuclear power around the world by itself, as well as for 30-40 years on its own soil, and has yet to come up with any solution for its own high, medium and low level waste disposal, other than the incredibly expensive and unproven fast breeder programme, abandoned by every other country, or it's own reprocessing plant, which is unable to even process one vitrified flask without breaking down.

Better to stop development of new NPPs, until a real solution for long-term management is made.

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