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We can’t confirm whether consumers came to MOS Burger stores after they stopped visiting McDonald’s outlets, but we are certainly seeing an increasing number of children, who have not been our main cu


MOS Food Services President Atsushi Sakurada. He said the MOS Burger chain enjoyed brisk sales in January-March, possibly thanks to a shift of customers from McDonald’s. (Jiji Press)

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MOS burger? I wouldn't call that a burger joint anymore than Mc D. They're both jokes.

When will japanese recognize real hamburgers, pizza, and replace their Denny's or Coco's Menu with those actual signature meals as featured in their originality?

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I used to love MOS but during a recent trip back to Japan there was something not quite the same about the taste. After searching we realized they had changed not only the patty but their sauce as well. It was still better than McD's will ever be but it was rather disappointing they had changed.

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Sorry, but both Mos and Mac are horrid imho.

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I like MOS spicy chili dogs. They even give you extra Jalepenos for free...plus if you call them and order, they give you a ¥10 coin for making the call.

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I occasionally visited MOS or the golden arches for a fix, but haven't been to Mikkie D's for well over a year so yeah MOS has gotten more of my ca$h, that said I have cut way back on this stuff.

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Mac down, MOS up? Good news

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I love burgers!

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