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We could afford to feed people for a decade on what these koalas cost every year. I know koalas are cute, but this recession is hurting. The money should be spent on people in need.


Hiroshi Itagaki, who has been running a soup kitchen for 35 years in Osaka's Nishinari neighborhood, after hearing that the six koalas at Osaka's oldest zoo are costing the city nearly 140 million yen a in gum leaves. (ABC)

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I know koalas are cute

Welcome to Japan. Cute is the only thing that matters here, or hasn't anyone else noticed??

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of all the RIDICULOUS things humans spend money on, giving an animal that we've run off it's native land, the food it requires to eat is NOT a bad thing.

stop and think of all the unnecessary junk we buy each day.

do we need lap dances and that 15th round? how about magazines about hotties or "brangelina" or makeup?

it seems like misplaced ire to worry about the cost to feed animals when there are far more incisive decisions to be made about how we each spend our money every day.

the problem is not the Koalas eating food, it's us needing to buy cable tv, newer phones, brand name crappy clothes that pay 3rd world country people pennies a day. etc etc.

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