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We don't have any politicization here. It is not being viewed through the lens of freedom or individual rights.


Prof Kenji Shibuya, research director at the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, saying one key difference with America and Europe is that vaccines have not become political in Japan.


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Freedom and individual rights are not political. Yes, this virus has unfortunately become political, but rights are universal.

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I don't think it is, I think the opposite. Vaccines are politicized here too, although not as ostentatiously as in Europe, for example. However, even so, in a rather unique way here - remember "Vaccine Czar". The second difference is that when it comes to a difficult situation, the government often hands it off with the excuse that it is not possible under the constitution.... .... and then pass it on to the prefectural authorities.

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Saying there isn't "any" is a strong statement, but I agree that it is much less an issue here. I suppose a perk of having essentially a one-party system is that there is no reason to create that kind of political divide for a "their team vs my team" mentality. The downside being that one-party happens to be the LDP.

There are still groups of anti-mask and anti-vaccine folks floating around, and we have even got them in my office on occasion.

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thats because Japanese are largely apathetic about most things, or at least might complain a bit, but won't do much else about something.

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For it to be politicized here Japan would need to have an actual opposition with some public support.

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No-one used the stupid words 'mandate' or 'lockdown' here, and there was a refreshing belief in the ordinary 'common sense' of the people.

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