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We don’t want to erase the atmosphere of the Kabukicho I knew when I was younger, but just force out the bad places. We want this to be a place where Japanese people and foreign tourists alike can com


Mototsugu Katagiri, chairman of the Kabukicho merchants’ association in Tokyo. As Tokyo prepares to host the Olympics in five years’ time, police and businesses are cleaning up the notorious adult playground amid a surge in scamming and aggressive hawking. (The Guardian)

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The police have "cleaned up" Kabukicho countless times over the years. Eliminating scamming and hawking is fine. But to be honest, other than photos of attractive women outside establishments, you can walk through the area and not see anything which qualifies as obscene. I've been there with youngsters buying ice cream and they were totally oblivious to the surroundings.

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Once it's been cleansed again, maybe they should keep on top of it so it doesn't go to the dogs...again. However, with any huge influx of tourists/guests there is inevitably going to be a number who fall foul of scams or unscrupulous establishments. It can be limited, though, by keeping these dodgy characters on their toes and shutting them down before they get anything even resembling a foothold.

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We want this to be a place where Japanese people and foreign tourists alike can come, have a drink and enjoy themselves in safety.

Why couldn't this guy just say "people" instead of pointing out Japanese and foreigners?

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A C'mon man, everybody knows when you show up in a foreign country, you ask your cabbie, "So where can I get some action around here?"

A sleazy red light district is an attraction, not an eyesore!

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The scamming and hawkingis typically Japanese. annoying but won't go away. frankly it is offputting - i would rather look at pictures or menu or whatever without some bloke wheedling in my ear.

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