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We encourage everyone to work more efficiently and go home on time.


Tokyo metropolitan government official Koichi Ishibashi. To save power, he said a team is dispatched to offices with lights on after 6:30 p.m. to urge employees to leave. (AP)

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Two things.

It's about time a government office is 'encouraging' people to work more efficiently. Why 6:30? Why not 5:01?
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while there really are a lot of overworked people in Japan, I have found that the Japanese are masters of looking busy whilst just shuffling paper around.Working efficiently is the key.

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Most city-offices are open to the public till 17:30 add to that time to cleanup, etc.

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I was just talking to a bloke who said he had to work from 10 a.m. until 4 a.m. the following day, seven days a week. This is because "Japanese people are very hard worker", he claims. I asked him what he did yesterday, and it was meeting-gu and making document-to.

Thus I doubt efficiency is the watchword here. If you need more than two days to do a day's work, you're doing it wrong. But only in Japan would people need to be told to go home. Shiters, they don't even need to go home - just get out of the bleeding office and do something else. But that might take imagination, I suppose.

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I'd also like to know what time Koichi Ishibashi goes home when Ishihara's in the building.

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Out of my experience from working in a Japanese office, this quote should be: We encourage everyone to work during working hours (and not overtime hours) and go home on time.

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They are geniuses at 'busy work'. I adore leaving on time and when asked 'Are you LEAVING?' simply saying, again, 'お先に失礼します!' With a REALLY big false smile on my face.

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I think the whole country fakes a lot of work, but it depends on what sector. I see some very hard workers here and very efficient. What I cannot stand are the people that fake like they are running. I can walk faster than they fake running.

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Also many of the staff are bound by what their boss considers being a "good" employee. When the boss was coming up through the ranks maybe he was in the office a ton of hours and expects staff to do the same.

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We had the same thing mentioned at work yesterday.

This was at 4.30pm, after everyone had come round from their afternoon nap.

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