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We have asked the related ministries and agencies to tell us about the necessary arrangements and staff sizes, among other things, as soon as possible, but we still remain uncertain about all of these things.


Fukushima Governor Masao Uchibori, criticizing the central government for remaining vague about what local governments should do to prepare for the vaccination program.

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A very nebulous statement. I take from it some catch words and the realisation that they have no idea of what they are doing. So much for forward thinking. Good education not applicable here.

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Proper planning prevents poor performance

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Our own little city just needs 100,000 does max but probably about 80% and within one month done and repeat two weeks later. 3,000 vaccines a day for a month.

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Plus ca change.

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We have asked the related ministries and agencies to tell us about the necessary arrangements............

.............. Because we have no crisis management and because this is not in the manuals, we are just waiting for someone else to tell us what to do.

If you know they will be vague, why didn't you do something in the first place? Everyone has statistics, numbers, Excel sheets, everyone is filling always some questionaries, アンケート, more surveys and so on.

One would even say, that even just stupid looking into the number of citizens living in that area would be a good lead.. At least better than waiting for a vague reply

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Well, if the virus is clever enough to only strike after 8PM it is probably clever enough to stay away my from Fukushima

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Are they a little bit crazy? There was that example vaccination drill in Kawasaki, also on all news channels reported about. So why don’t those 46 other prefectures send some people there or have a videotape of that event to watch , to get details, explanations and learn some first steps and requirements from that?

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