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We have decided on the payment, despite its extremely unusual nature, to boost spirits and motivate the managers to do their jobs.


TEPCO President Naomi Hirose, announcing that managers will receive a one-time payment of 100,000 yen each, in a bid to boost morale and keep them from abandoning the embattled utility. (Asahi Shimbun)

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I am sure it will come out of our pockets. What's the phrase - bend over......

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Those sitting in plush offices in Tokyo..

I have a friend working for TEPCO in a posh office in Tokyo, he's a network engineer... trust me, you wouldn't want his place. 100.000 yen is insignificant compared with the huge losses every family of a TEPCO employee took in the past two years. These people (and their children) became very easy target of incredible bullying in Japan nowadays.

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TEPCO Manager: "I would like to thank them for this brib...eto... bonus. It will increase my loyalty to TEPCO and ensure that I cover up all of senior management's crimes and continue to increase profits by cancelling any necessary... eto... unnecessary safety upgrades."

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I am sure their customers are overjoyed to pay more for electricity so that these people can get a bonus.

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Silly little amount. At the same time TEPCO continues to fight the locals who have been worst affected by Fukushima every step of the way. And while Abe basks in the glow of his -nomics and the election victory, thousands of people still displaced with no livlihood and no coherent plan to address this issue.

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Give more money to those on the front lines. They are saving our lives at the expense of their own.

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so all of this radiation seeping into air/land/sea and contaminating the food we (and they) eat isn't motivation enough? these useless managers get paid a heck of a lot more than the average japanese person already. plus tepco is constantly fighting those in the areas affected by the fukushima disaster who are seeking rightful compensation for all that they lost.

in my opinion, all of these managers and those in the higher ranks of tepco are criminals and should be treated as such.

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