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We have no problem with transport or food products. Basically, Tokyo is back to normal but I don't know if the message has got out to foreign countries yet.


Hiroo Nagasawa, general manager of the Hyatt Regency hotel in Tokyo. (BBC)

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i think the lack of credible news reports from the onset is to blame. the japanese government is totally at fault here and there will be practically no economic recovery until japan accepts the help it so desperately needs from outside sources. but, japan being japan i do not seeing that happen and that is sooooo sad.

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The manager is certainly right. I was there yesterday and it looked really quiet. And I also have to agree with sillygirl`s comments.

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Considering just how many countries already experienced (remember Chernobyl? I wish I could forget) what Japan is just started to go through, I'd say it's more likely that foreign countries know better already and Japan should open it's eyes and smell the coffee.

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25 years after Chernobyl there are still 350 British farms which are required to measure radiation levels in their foodstuffs and farm animals before being allowed to send them to market. Contaminated foodstuffs isn't something which will be resolved over night.

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Mr Nagasawa is not qualified to state that Tokyo is'back to normal'

Tokyo is suffering from above normal levels of radioactive contamination,

Maybe, he wants people to stay in the Regency so that they can inhale it?

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Mr Nagasawa is not qualified to state that Tokyo is'back to normal'

kurisupisu -- good point. It is also possible that Nagasawa-san suffers from the usual Japanese arrogance and isolationism. Just because he feels foreigners should be flocking back to Tokyo does not make it reality. Tokyo has always been perceived as being too expensive and too crowded, so many foreigners, especially business people, came here only because they had to. Now, with the economy in continued doldrums, and tourists concerned about safety, travelers have even less reason to visit Tokyo.

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