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We have received twice the usual number of email inquiries in relation to child abuse since the death of the 10-year-old girl in Chiba Prefecture.


Tomohiko Kaneda, a spokesperson for Child Abuse Prevention Network Aichi, which has been receiving an average of more than seven email inquiries a day since police arrested the father of 10-year-old Mia Kurihara last month. He said many children say their parents are being violent and ask if it constitutes abuse.


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And are they doing anything about it?

A lot of what is considered abuse in other countries is considered as 'normal' in Japan. Hence you now have a bunch of adults with mental illness making the decisions... Blind leading the blind.

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I thinks conscientious parents don't do that. Government much inform and list up what constitute abuse. Younger parents are too much stress out due to economic situations besides these younger parent's parent were so hardworking in their time and haven taken care them of about love, care and understanding in their children days that make them so timid, unwanted and cold blooded society. Younger parent therefore be reeducated and reoriented to be chid-loving parents. It's the government and educational institutions that must act now.

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