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We know it is not so simple, but we wanted to tell the SMAP members that we will wait for the day when they decide to restart the group.


Kyoko Kimura, representing 370,000 fans in an online campaign, begging idol group SMAP to reconsider their decision to disband at the end of the year. (Asahi Shimbun)

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They are blandness personified in a business of bland in a country of bland. I am waiting for the day they come out on the side of something significant and use their influence to make a difference. But I guess I will be waiting longer than those who are waiting for them to restart.

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They never had any talent to begin with, musically. They were just five questionably handsome faces slapped together by Jonnys. Now they want to do their own things, except Takuya who seems to want to cling to the easy fame and fortune, and they are getting older. But... it is Japan, and major musicians here tend to make a year or so of retirement announcements before "coming back" within two.

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Kyoko Kimura and 370,000 other people need to get a life.

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She will have to wait for about a year, then.

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Bring back Bistro SMAP. That was fun. But the tone deaf singing hurt to listen too.

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There are about 150 other SMAPS in existence here anyway.

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One of the worst acts ever. Anything else I have to say at this point will just be more bashing. I think pop music sucks everywhere, being manufactured rubbish, but we're really at the bottom of the barrel here. I can't help but feel ashamed of Jpop as a Japanese person.

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Why folks on this site can get so vehement about others likes and dislikes is totally beyond me !

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